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Professional CNC Services

With over 15 years of combined CNC Routing, CAD, CAM and fabrication experience. You can rely on the professional services we provide.

Quality Results

We pride ourselves on our first class industry experience with fabrication, machining and finishes with quality results. We also provide expert advice free of charge.

Reasonable Rates

We provide all of our services at reasonable rates. From small prototyping projects with short runs to large mass production we have rates that have got you covered.

Our Work Process

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Idea / Project

Every new project starts with an idea. No matter what your experience we can help you conceptualize and give you the right advice on how to put your ideas onto paper for free.

Research and Analysis

We can provide you with all the advice needed to research and analyze your product. This includes market research, manufacturing processes and limitations as well as testings its aesthetic form and functional performance.

CAD Drawing / Modeling / 3D Scanning

We provide a complete and professional 2D CAD drawing and 3D CAD modeling service. We also use 3D laser scanning technology to reverse engineer parts to help speed up the developing process.


We employ our CNC machinery and also 3D printing techniques to effectively produce prototypes and make the necessary adjustments to finalize the designs before going into mass production runs.

Mass Production

We have the means to manufacture complete projects and outsource certain parts or complete assemblies for production. We have many partners to help your idea hit the mass market.

Are you interested in our services?

If you are interested in our range of services, please take the time to contact us and we will get back to you with an obligation free quote.

Michael, Sydney

Fast and efficient service. Great CAD drawings from my sketches and the routing turnaround time is FAST!

Client Testimonial

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Doug, Brisbane

Thankyou for the the great service. The router works great and hasn't missed a beat. The program you provided worked as expected.

Doug, Brisbane

Michael, Sydney

Fast and efficient service. Great CAD drawings from my sketches and the routing turnaround time is FAST!

Michael, Sydney

MDF Routing Machine

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